Monday, February 6, 2012

Baked Avocado Egg Cups

  Okay, I realize how long I have been MIA. Forgive me, I just have had a lot of stuff going on. One of which is that I moved back in August, so my kitchen is no longer ugly!!! Forgive me, but for simplicities sake I am just going to keep my blog name. I will post a picture of my pretty new kitchen when its clean (so probably never).

  I have been a on a slight healthy kick lately, not specifically for the new year, but because I have recently learned of some allergies I have. Wheat and sugar more specifically. I have been seeing a Naturopath (insert judgy comments from readers here) I know I know. Even my mom was judgy about it. I don't really care though. I just know that what she says about allergies makes sense, and I know I DO have problems with these foods. So call it an allergy, intolerance, whatever you want, I just know I am going to lay off the sugar and wheat for a while and see if I feel better. I think its important to take charge of your own health. You know more than anyone else if something isn't right. So if somethings wrong, change it!

  So, long story short, I'll be trying to post more, but they will be more sugar/gluten free recipes as I try to navigate through my new way of eating. Please leave me comments or follow me so I know whether I am talking to myself here:-)

  This morning I decided to cook a recipe I found on Pinterest-if you can even call it a recipe. All it is, is an egg cracked into an avocado halve and baked. Done. That's it. There's your recipe. Just try it. It takes longer to say the name than to actually make it. Set oven to 425, add salt and pepper and bake until its at your desired done-ness. For me that was about 10-12 minutes. It looked shinier and less cooked than it actually was, so you may want to poke the yoke and see if its a little firmer than it looks. At 12 minutes it wasn't runny anymore, just slightly wet. Some fat and protein will keep you pretty full for a while. Enjoy!