Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strawberry Pie

  This is one of those recipes that I hesitate to give out. I hate saying that because I think its dumb when people don't share recipes. I understand, but I still think its dumb. I believe that unless you created the recipe from scratch or it is a family recipe handed down from your great great aunt and she'd haunt you for eternity for sharing it, then you should spread the food happiness around. I only hesitate to give it out because I love taking this pie to share with people. I love getting the credit. I love being told how amazing and completely delicious it is, and asked, "Can I please have the recipe?" No....they can't. But you can.

So I am finally sharing it now because this is not in fact, my own recipe. I "stole" this one from the mother of an ex-boyfriend...of my sister. Like 15 years ago.
  Man I hope you guys like this, I've talked it up too much:)

Ingredients: 4 lbs Fresh Strawberries(I had 2 lbs and had to go buy more)
2 Deep Dish Pie Crusts (mine are store bought, feel free to make your         own if you feel like showing off)
1 Container of Strawberry Pie Glaze (sold by the strawberries, duh)
One 8 oz. Package Cream Cheese (Regular, NOT fat free)
1 Container Cool Whip
                                   About 1 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

                                                                        Bake crusts as directed.

Okay, this was my first attempt at making the filling in a long time. I used Fat Free cream cheese. Fat Free. Seriously, shoot me the next time I do that. Its fine if cream cheese isn't a main part of the dish, but in this case it is the whole enchilada.

Don't add enchiladas to this recipe.

This is how that one turned out. I guess it was fine, but if you look closely, you can see tiny little granules of cream cheese still visible. I hate that. It infuriates me. So I moved on, still fuming.

In a separate bowl, pour glaze over strawberries. Don't do the whole container. you're gonna want them all just coated, not swimming through a sea of glaze. Pour a little and mix.....repeat until you're happy with it. I used about 2/3 of it for 2 lbs berries.

                                 This is a good amount.

Okay, so I couldn't deal with the cream cheese thing, so I refrigerated everything and finished up today, with a new package of full fat cream cheese. Mix together the cream cheese, Cool Whip, and Powdered sugar. The sugar is up to you on the amounts. Its really how sweet you like it. I used 1 1/2 cups.

Beat the heck out of it for 1-2 minutes, and thats it. See how creamy? It was effortless.

 Here it is again......

Oh wait....
One more time, just look at the difference. Poopy grainy fat free cream cheese mixture on the left, smooth dreamy creamy mixture on the right.....the left one isn't really poopy.

Put a generous dallop (I like that word) of creamy goodness on your cooled cooked pie crust.

Spread it around. Make sure its a thick layer.

Remember these bad boys?

Sure you do.....
Pour 'em right on top.

  I couldn't wait. In fact, I was eating this as I wrote this post. I'll probably be eating more as you read it too. I seriously can't figure out why 2 hours of working out per day isn't helping....

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AuntJanice said...

You do an absolutely wonderful job of photographing this food you are making. You could throw down a dallop of cream cheese mix and put rocks on top and it would look eatable in the photo.

This dessert should be a controlled substance. Something you would hide in your socks or in Paris Hilton's purse.....:>)